Picture verification

 Hi all,

Here is an example of what I consider a verified picture

Click image for larger picture

Here is what I look for: 
  1. Your face is clearly visible with good lighting and not dark
  2. Your hand holding the paper is clearly visible
  3. The writing is clearly legible and readable
  4. On the paper I need to see my name "Lynnkay" and the date clearly visible.
  5. The paper must be "hand written" and not typed!
  6. email your verified picture to kissra@CriesOfTheGoth.com
  7. Include in your email: (1)your name, (2)accounts like Twitter or SnapChat or Google...etc so I can add you to my verified list where you want to be added. If you only send me your verified picture without telling me what is your name and accounts; I will not add you and it will go no where!
Please remember, I get hundreds of anonymous emails and many verified pictures and there is no way for me time wise to reply to each one and try to fish information. Either you send it to me or be ignored.

IMPORTANT: My evaluation of you (in terms of honestyintelligence and trust) is solely based on how well you understand and follow the verification rules in this document. Dishonest people, trolls, fakes...etc (or people who do not wish to put in the effort) will try to cheat or justify why they couldn't follow all the rules by sending partially masked pics, dark images, wearing hats and sunglasses, their hands not showing holding the paper or the writing not hand written, they send me their verification pics via social media instead emailing it to me like I requested...list goes on..etc. 
If you fail in this step I will not tell you. Instead you'll notice I will not trust you and you'll be treated like anonymous and you won't know why. First impression is key! don't fuck it up ;)

thank you
Kissra Lynnkay


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